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Artista transdisciplinar i dels nous mitjans, xilè- espanyola. Les seves recerques i creacions es troben en un territori híbrid on el cos i la tecnologia es troben. A inicis del 2000 va començar a realitzar encreuaments entre la dansa i mitjans electrònics, la qual va impulsar la seva recerca entorn del cos-tecnologia, per donat pas el 2020 al projecte LUCHA IA, una maquina-cos -escolta, parla i interactues amb l’espectador i els performer per col·laborar en la construcció escènica i la comunicació des del llenguatge a través de la veu com cos-.


Transdisciplinary Chilean-Spanish artist based in Barcelona – Spain. Since 2000 her research and creations are in a hybrid territory where the body and technology meet. The Brisa’s work and technology research approach the craft with low technologies, recycling, free hardware and software.

Brisa works on transversal place where converge of different disciplines, such as, Performance, dance, code art, video creation & screendance, installation which interact the technologies.  She’s interested in the Art as tools of human interaction and as a means of knowledge. She has re-think about of human bodies to the future from the organic and artificial matters, the body as interface of communicationAlso, Brisa reflects around technology, the body and political topics, through the strategies and interchange of «Power» with the spectator, machines and other devices inside of scenic space

Last activity:
2023 Posthumanamente Hablando. Pam-Anilla Cultural. Contemporary Art Museum. Chile.
2023 Festival Internacional de la Imagen. Caldas Museum. Colombia.
2022 Thyssen Museum. Málaga. Spain.
2022 Perpretacions, Performance Festival. Barcelona. Spain.
2022 Residence. CCES, Spain Cultural Center. Chile.
2022 The Machine & Person. UOC. ISEA2022 extended. Sala Beckett. Barcelona. Spain.
2022 PDE. Goethe Institut &Teatro a Mil Foundation. Chile.
2021 DHRA. Digital Matters Congress. Humboldt University. Germany.
2021 Dyscorpia Body and Technology exhibition. About Light Gallery, Canada.
2021 Residence. CANODROM Digital Innovation and Democracy. Barcelona. Spain.
2021 ADD+ ART Conferences. Universidad Barcelona. + Idensitat + La Escosesa. Barcelona. Spain.
2021 BIONICA project. ICUB Barcelona Culture Institute, halltown of Barcelona. Spain.
2021 Paratex 52. Hangar, Barcelona. Spain.
2019 LUMO Light Festival-Dancehack. Fine Arts Museum of Oulu. Finland.
2019 Publication. Paper in book TANZ DER DINGE/MOVING THROUGH . Transcript. Germany.
2020 Residence MediaLab. Fàbrica de Creació L’ Estruch. Barcelona. Spain.
2020 Residence. Conde Duque Centrum of Creation. Madrid. Spain.
2019 Residence Interactive Lab. HANGAR. Barcelona. Spain.
2019 BAC, body and image Biennial of Madrid. Madrid. Spain.
2018 IDN PLUS, Image, Dance & New Media.  Mercat de les Flors. Barcelona. Spain.
2018 XXVI Central American & Caribbean Meeting for Dance. National University of Costa Rica. San José. Costa Rica.
2018 International Dance Congress. Málaga University. Málaga. Spain.
2017 Residence. CoLaboratorio HUARTE Center. Pamplona. Spain.
2017 Remote Signal Collective exhibition. Estonia.
2017 VESTIBLES II Costumes, Technology and Culture. CCES. Chile
2015-2013 Metabody project. European culture project. EU.
2014 Residence. HANGAR. Barcelona. Spain.
2013 CYNETART Computer based Art Festival. Germany. 
2013 ISEA. 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art. Sydney University. Australia.
2013 Residence & Collective exhibition. Fluorecent Screens. Ibero-American Congress of Cultures. eTOPIA Art & Technology Center. Zaragoza. Spain.

2022 FONDART. Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile. Chile.
2021 BIONICA project. ICUB Barcelona Culture Institute, halltown of Barcelona. Spain.
2020 Artistic Creation Grant of Catalonia. Department- Government of Catalonia. Barcelona. Spain.
2019 IV Research grant of interactive Laboratory of HANGAR. Barcelona. Spain.
2010 Principe Claus Foundation. Holland.
2006 SOGEDA PRIX – IV Dance Biennial of Monaco. Montecarlo. Monaco.
2009 & 2013 DIRAC, Foreign Affairs Ministry. State of Chile. Chile
2007 ++ FONDART Culture Ministry. State of Chile. Chile

2023 Master in Interdisciplinary Education of the Arts. Barcelona University. Spain
2011-2012 Master in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, UNTREF. Argentina.
2006 Postgraduate of Visual Culture Studied and Projects, Barcelona University. Spain.

Cultural manager Caída Libre projects:
INTERFACE Art, Body, Science and Technology Festival
FIVC International Screendance Chile Festival.
BIONICA women, art, technology and society.