BRISA MP transmedia Chilean artist based in Barcelona – Spain. My research and creations are in the hybrid territory where the body and technology meet.  I work in the converge different disciplines: Performance, dance, visual arts and media arts. I am interested in Art as tools of human interaction and as a means of knowledge. 

I am interested in organic and artificial matter, the movement as interface of communication between human and  non human species, the body beyond of the human form and the code as the scenic composition system. Also, my work think about the relationship the technology, body and political as a notion of “Power” play . I am re-think the about of human bodies to the future.  My research it helps at the free hardware and open source communities. 

I have participated at festivals and meetings in Latin America, Europe and Oceania, such as :  2019 LUMO Light Festival. Fine Arts Museum of Oulu. Finland. BAC body and image Biennial of Madrid. Spain.  2018 . IDN PLUS, Image, Dance & New Media.  Mercat de les Flors. Barcelona. Spain. 2013 CYNETART Computer based Art Festival. Dresden Germany. “REMOTE SIGNAL” Iberofest, Collective Exhibition  Tallin. (Estonia 2016). ISEA. 19th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ELECTRONIC ART . Sydney University. Australia. “FLUORECENT SCREENS”. Collective exhibition. eTopia Art & Technology Center. Ibero-American Congress of Cultures. Saragossa. Spain.  

I collaborated in the European METABODY project. I´m Artistic Director of INTERFACE Art, Body, Science and Technology Festival in Chile www.cuerpoytecnologí version  2008, Santiago) and FIVC International Screendance Chile Festival (First version 2009- Santiago & Valparaíso). 

I was  in artistic residencies at:  Canódrom Digital Innovation and Democracy (Barcelona, 2021-2022), Conde Duque Scenic Center (Madrid, Spain). MediaLab L´Estruch (Barcelona 2020- 2021) HANGAR (Barcelona, ​​2019 – 2014),  MAKER SPACE at Sant Agusti Center (Barcelona, 2019), HUARTE Center (Pamplona,  SPAIN ​​2017),   eTOPIA Art and Technology (Zaragoza 2013),  Ze Dois Bois  (Lisbon 2007). 

In 2020 won : Artistic Creation Grant of Catalonia Department- Government of Catalonia (Barcelona)  2019 The fellow of  Media Art Research  in Interactive Laboratory of HANGAR (Barcelona). Also, I won the SOGEDA PRIX – IV Dance Biennial of Monaco for  the piece: ”Ejercicios Electrocoreográficos», (Montecarlo, 2006) and Principe Claus Foundation (Holland- 2010). Also, I won FONDART (Culture Ministry of Chile)  for my artworks or Festival projects (2007-2008-2009-2012- 2014-2017) , And DIRACT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). 

I studied Master in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, UNTREF (2011-2012, Buenos Aires). Postgraduate of Visual Culture Studied and Projects, Barcelona University (Barcelona 2006). Degree in Visual Arts, Arcis University (Santiago of Chile, 2001). I studied Dance Arcis University (2001-2004) and free studies of contemporary Dance in Stockholm, Spain and Argentina. 

I am working in media art, I `m mentorship for the emerging scenic- technology artists at the Spain Cultural Center (Santiago of Chile). Also, I´m coordinator of BIONICA women, art, technology and society project, based in «Canòdrom» , Digital Innovation and Democracy (Barcelona- Spain).

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